The objectives of University e-Pathshala are as follows:

  • To achieve the target of Academic Calendar.
  • To provide course material as per curriculum to the students.
  • An education through ICT (Information Communication Technology).
  • Self learning – explanatory with learning outcome and summary.
  • To strengthen self evaluation among students through self-evaluation computer practices.
  • Supplement and complement of class room teaching.
  • To obtain Feedback from the stakeholders on the curriculum and to develop it in tune with the emerging national and global trends and also relevant to the local needs.
  • To serve students of different backgrounds and abilities, through effective reading learning.
Subject Disciplines

Contents to be uploaded soon

Contents to be uploaded soon

Contents to be uploaded soon

Components of e-content
  • e-Text: Textual description for each module
  • Self-learning: Audio/video/animated explanation
  • Self assessment: Self evaluation mechanism
  • Learn more: Web resources, source for further study and supporting materials
University e-Pathshala

A common problem being faced by institutions today, is the dearth of teaching faculties in most of the subjects. The students are facing trouble in the preparation of their curriculum. It is the pious duty of any institution to help in the eradication of this intricate problem being faced by the students. The concept of the University e-Pathshala was developed keeping in view the aforesaid problem faced by the students, to achieve the target of the “Academic Calendar”.

The Vice-Chancellor, L. N. Mithila University Prof. S. K. Singh felt that centralizing the whole concept of imparting education to needy students would be more beneficial through the website of the university. The “University e-Pathshala” is education through ICT which makes e-content available to students and peers using different modes to impart formal and informal education. It supplements and complements the process of teaching and learning in higher education by providing course material in form of e-content amongst students and peers as per the guidelines of the UGC.

The composition of the University e-Pathshala are curriculum, e-text, self learning, self assessment, previous year’s questions, feedbacks, review and comments. This will be freely accessible to all desirous of using it.

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Prof. S. K. Singh

Ever since I joined L. N. Mithila University, I felt that there was an acute dearth of teachers in the various faculties of the University. As a result, students face extreme difficulty in covering the course/s prescribed. Just then, the proposal for “Academic Cluster” was brought to my notice. I felt that the proposal, through emulative, could not be enforced (again, because of dearth of teachers).

Amidst all these, an idea came to my mind that centralizing the whole concept of imparting education to inspiring students would be not only more feasible but also more beneficial as students could make use of the course material from anywhere by simply “logging in” to the University website. With further deliberations the concept of e-learning (named University e-Pathshala) took shape. The ‘university e-pathshala’ uses the honorary services experts in various subjects who provide detailed course material posted on the university website www.lnmu.ac.in

This scheme contemplates welcomes feedback from students/scholars/peers so as to improve the quality and lucidity of the topics provided. Suggestions/Rectifications are welcome and due revisions will be made as and where necessary.

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The University e-pathshala is in its initial stage. At the inception stage we plan to start with four subjects of the science faculty (viz., Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology) are propose to proceed further incorporating Commerce, Social Science, and Humanities faculties soon, first at the Post Graduation level and subsequently passing on to all the faculties at the Graduation level both Honours and at the Pass Course levels.

With your participation, I’m quite confident that our efforts to spread the light of knowledge amongst the neediest of the needy would join momentum and pace. Please click on to the site and avail yourselves of the facility, ‘University e-Pathshala’.

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